18 May 2009


Aijazz Aslam has dressed many Indian and Pakistani celebrities from the television and silver screen, both male and female.

AIJAZZ, the label, was born in 1995 in a small outlet on Zamzama Avenue Clifton; men especially couldn’t believe their luck. A design house that was a complete shop stop for men. Walk in looking mediocre at best and walk out making the fashion statement of the century!

The women’s wear collection started a little later on due to popular demand of couples that requested the designs to be copied in a more feminine realm. In an era where designers focus and ensure that they follow the latest trends of fashion of the western world without focusing on the many clients that have more conservative taste from the East, Aijazz has covered both markets. His range of designs starts from Western casuals to Western formals at the same time providing a very strong client following with Eastern casuals to Eastern formal/wedding wear.

Unlike the many so called designers in Pakistan, he educated himself in this field of fashion by getting certified by the London School of Fashion Designing. There he learnt to work with color, fabrics and cuts to produce high quality outfits at more affordable prices than others. The objective has never been to cater to the elite only but to provide clothing for anyone and everyone yet remaining unique to their own individual style.

His fashion shows are a visual extravaganza and his clothing has been shown in North America, Europe and Asia with plans to eventually cover the rest of the world as well.

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