26 May 2009

Ali Fateh's evening Bags

Ali Fateh started his career designing cutting edges high fashion evening bags "Bags that are more then just bags". After graduating from The Art institute Miami Florida with a degree in evening wear Ali moved to New York city to get the real flavor on fashion. He worked for a league of designers like Valentino and Versace. While designing his own line he is also responsible for the exquisite hand bags that beautify Sadia Mirza's visage colletion. Nilofer Shahid also took his creation with her as the part of her Paris couture collection.
Labouring on his cutting edge bags, each piece produced or designed by ali is different from the other. Exotic Leather, Skins, Swarovski Crystal and Embroidery make up most of his creativity. Ali Fateh's collection can be found in Pakistan, Stats and Hong kong and soon in India.

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