09 May 2009

Egyptians (3000-800BC)

In this time period Egypt was in focus so the climate was hot and humid. it was the classical time period. They had three kingdoms. Old kingdom, middle kingdom and new kingdom. Old kingdom was all about pheros. They were the living Gods on earth and were very strong.
Egyptians were famous for their art of writing which was Hieroglyphics. They buried their all belongings with them because they believe in life after death. They were perfect in the art of mummifying. Their skin tones were dark. The costume for man and woman were same but the length was shortened for man. Emperors used to drape more clothes on their bodies. Fabrics were cotton, lawn and linen. They mostly wore all tones of brown, black and white.
The costumes were unstitched or needle was used to stitch them. They used to wear transparent costumes.Cleopatra was the queen and symbol of beauty. Cleopatra was the last phero who was married to Alexander who was Roman. She introduce many things which are in fashion now. Jewelry was not in fashion at that time But the wore neckbands, wristband, armbands and bracelets which are highly embellished and decorated. Both man and woman used to ware headbands which are also decorated with stones and gold.
The known sculptors of this time period were Venus of wellondorf and sculptor of Queen Naffi titi. They made golden sculptors. Cave paintings were very famous in this time. They mostly paint arrows, horses, birds, and they increase the size of pheros in their paintings.
They used to wear wigs on ceremonies. Mostly straight and breaded wigs were used. Both man woman wore it. there wigs were mostly black in color.
Their main cloth was loin cloth.
Egyptians introduced kohl. Queen Cleopatra used to highlight her eyes and eye brows with kohl.
They used different herbs and wax to make perfumes.
Their shoes were flat or strapies which were mostly made of Judith.
Their hair styles were same for man and women. Man used to keep their hair long straight till jaw line. Women keep their hair straight and log till neckline.

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