19 May 2009

Farhan Ali Agha

Leading a simple life and not aware that one day Farhan Ally Agha would become a star and adopt a career in the entertainment industry which has everything to do with public and masses.

At the time of the first offer, He was clueless about the world of modeling. He agreed to the opportunity almost instantly. The next day He was at an ad agency where he got selected for an upcoming shoot of a well-known biscuit. As soon as this commercial went on air, it’s like a chain reaction started. He found himself among various offers for TV commercials, Magazines, Ramps etc. In a very short time He was among the top slot models at the time – 1991.

Model to an Actor – around 1995-96 he got an acting offer for a soap of 100 episodes, which was a challenging assignment, taking up an acting career. He took it up and then he kept on getting different opportunities for a number of production houses and channel.

Being an established actor, life is busy and high profile. A shy kid like him would never have thought of becoming leading commodity in a profession which is bold, expressive and shares the lime light. Today, a well settled family man with a bright and rewarding career who looks to explore international opportunities.