13 May 2009


Greeks were very strong in architecture. They introduced three kinds of pillars Ionic, Doric, ad Corinthian. They used to make geometrical pattern in their architecture and costumes.
Greeks were fighters, philosophers and very brave people. they had gods for all aspects of life. Venus is the goddess of beauty.

The climate was cold so they mostly wore heavy materials like wool from fine to course material. Fabrics were leather, heavy linen and canvas. They mostly wore white and off-white color. Their sculptures were also made of white colors.
They used to wear belts, earrings and bracelets. They had different soldier dresses. Aciras was a soldier dress. It was made of metal. it was placed in overlapping position and it was a chest covering. Greave was another soldier dress. It was basically a chain guard to protect the muscles of legs. They used weapons like arrows, swords and shields.
Chiton was their basic dress. It was a one piece dress. Women chiton was till ankle and men's chiton was little bit higher in length. It was 10-12 feet wide and 5 feet long. They were two type of chiton Ionic and Doric chiton.
Ionic chiton was one piece with extended sleeves. Both man and woman wore it. It was made of wool or heavy linen.
Doric chiton was one piece dress without sleeves mostly made of wool. Girdles held it.
Himation was an outer garment mostly wore on chiton. It was like a cape, which was wrapped around the body to cover it. It was on the right shoulder and the left shoulder was kept free.
Married woman mostly wore it. It was made of wool and cover with embroidery. Color were natural wool.
Chlamys was another dress it was a rectangular cape. It was used by horse man. It was a woolen garment. Woman also wore it over chiton. It was tied at one shoulder.
Woman used to keep their hair long. They also knot their hair. Curly hair were common among man and woman.
Shoes were made of Judith and leather. Strappies were in fashion, which were crisscross over leg.

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