09 May 2009

Ismail Gulgee

Ismail Gulgee was born on 25th, Oct 1926 in Peshawar. He was a qualified engineer from U.S. On the other hand he was the great artist. He is known for his abstract and portrait paintings. He was inspired by Islamic calligraphy. Most of his word is based on the verses of Quran. Many of his work is placed in Faisal Mosque.
His paintings were bright and full of colors.
Gulgee received many awards in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia, Japan and France.
His son Amin Gulgee is also very famous in the field of art.
Guljee's exhibitions have mostly been available to few people. An art gallery for Guljee has been built in Clifton, Karachi Guljee mostly painted for his own inspirations and vision. Some selected paintings are available for sale in Guljee art gallery.

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