23 May 2009

Nilofer Shahid's collection inspired by Chaughtai Art

Nilofer Shahid, director of the fashion house Meeras, comes from a family of warriors, poets, writers and painters.

One could say that she was almost genetically sensitized towards the finer things of life. Of course being brought up on a steady diet of Khalil Gibran and A.R Chaughtai’s paintings only served to further accentuate her talent.

From an early age Nilofer was drawn to the art of craftsmanship, an obsession that continues to date. Thus, in 1992 with the launch of her fashion house Meeras, Nilofer made an almost natural transition from being an avid admirer to becoming an active participant.

The themes of her collections reflect her deep affinity with the land of her birth – from Islamic calligraphy to Mughal architecture to the heritage of central Asia, Nilofer’s work has spanned the east in its truest meaning.

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