23 June 2009

Juggan Kazmi in Lollywood films

Another Pakistani Model has signed on a Pakistani Film. It is rare for a Model in Pakistan to do a Film. Actresses from the Pakistani Film industry have turned into models which are rare in the entire universe but yes it is true in the case of Jia Ali who originally started her career from films. However, now the winds have changed and with signs of the film industry improving models are reconsidering their vows to never enter the film industry. Iman Ali the first model to sign on a Pakistani film and it resulted in a huge success. Now Juggan Kazim, another model adored by millions, who has also acted on television, revealed in her interview with QYT that she has signed on 3 films with Shaan( who was also in Iman Ali's Khuda Ke Liye). Juggan Kazim is a very sensible woman who has done theater and Films in Canada so we know that this movie will not be something that Juggan will eventually be ashamed of. Thus the prediction is that these movies will be good movies and we really do look forward to them.

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