10 June 2009

LSA Fashion Nominations 2009

LUX style Awards being the top class Fashion Awards of the Pakistani Fashion Industry always brings you the best Fashion & style statements.

The 2009 Fashion Nominations are a mix bag of exciting raw talent, very bankable fashion industry stalwarts like Arif Mehmood for Best Fashion Photographer, and Tariq Amin for Best Hair and Make-up, whose outstanding work throughout 2008 won them nominations slots after a long gap. Others like Abdullah, Ameer Zeb Khan, Neha Ahmed, Fayeza Ansari, Khawar Riaz, Deepak Perwani, Sara Shahid at Sublime, Sonya Battla, Rizwan Beyg, Sana Safinaz and Umer Sayeed almost write themselves into the nominations each year on account of the excellence of their work, their high output and visibility in print and on the ramp.

The first level of voting was carried out in a meeting in Karachi last month where all the eleven-jury members attended a day-long session. Those present were Aamna Haider Isani, Andleeb Rana, Kaleem Ahsan, Madeeha Syed, Mariam Mushtaq, Moeen Pal, Muniba Kamal, Raheel Rao, Tehmina Khalid, Zahra Hameed and Zurein Imam.

The second tier of voting takes place next month when fashion industry designers, photographers, models and make-up artists from across Pakistan select winners from among the announced nominations. At that stage, there are separate juries for each of the four disciplines of design, make-up, photography and modeling.

The LUX Style Awards for excellence in cinema, music, television and fashion are an annual awards event that aims to elevate and recognize Pakistan’s budding and established creative arts talent across the country.

Fashion Nominations 2009

Best Female Model

1. Fayeza Ansari
2. Nadia Hussein
3. Neha Ahmed
4. Noore Bhatti
5. Rabia Butt

Best Male Model
1. Abdullah Khan
2. Ameer Zeb Khan
3. Arsalan
4. Iffi
5. Rizwan Ali

Best Fashion Photographer
1. Arif Mehmood
2. Deevees
3. Guddu Shani
4. Khawar Riaz
5. Rizwan ul-Haq

Best Hair and Make up Artist
1. Akef Ilyas
2. Guddu Shani
3. Khawar Riaz
4. Munazza Rizwan
5. Tariq Amin

Best Emerging Talent
1. Aaminah Sheikh (Model)
2. Adnan Pardesy (Designer)
3. Fahad Hussain (Designer)
4. Fayyaz Ahmed (Photographer)
5. Nisha Butt (Model)

Best Menswear Designer
1. Amir Adnan
2. Deepak Perwani
3. Ismail Farid
4. Kuki Concepts
5. Munib Nawaz

Best Retail Brand
1. Crossroads
2. Ego
3. FNK Asia
4. Generation
5. Stoneage

Best Pret Designer
1. Iman Ahmed at Body Focus
2. Maheen Karim
3 .Sadaf Malaterre
4.Sara Shahid at Sublime
5.Sonya Battla

Best Couture Designer
1.Bunto Kazmi
2.Kamiar Rokni
3.Rizwan Beyg
4.Sana Safinaz
5.Umar Sayee

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