25 July 2009

Ather Shehzad

Ather Shehzad

The hottest photographer of Pakistan.

Ather Shehzad's reputation as two of the trendiest lensmen in the fashion industry today is due to the fact that they are churning out a sizeable chunk of fashion images today.

From the lush rain sodden lane's of Lahore, this what Ather Shehzad have to say: "The past three years in particular have seen great changes in the fashion industry in Pakistan, it's been growing by leaps and bounds. On the positive front, there has been a rise in professionalism along the way in terms of more photographers arriving on the scene and new models entering the arena.

As far as designs are concerned however there was better quality stuff available three years ago. Alot of the new designers today are simply copying the older more established ones. There have been no great changes or innovations. If the social climate remains liberal then there is hope of more progress. When we first started out there were no proper make-up artists in town and now look at the scene today, we really have come a long way."

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