14 July 2009

Bridal Collection by Zara Shahjahan

Zara is Pakistan’s first designer who has the expertise to make her own motifs. She is one designer who can put different eras and cultures together in such a way that the result is not only good but also comment upon the evolution of fashion in this part of the world in other world Zara’s creation is a fashion statement.

Zara started her work at home in 2004 with one worker and tailor. She starts designing evening wears for herself, and for family and friends. After that her elegant fashion sense drew attention and she started getting clients who understood her cultured taste. Currently she is working on bridal, formal and prêt.


  1. Pakistan fashion is the most elegant and stylish, the designers are doing a great job nowadays and this is helping promote fashion. Wear Pakistan stuff and have good time.

  2. Hey! Zara doesn't seem to have a website listing. How can I get hold of her stuff? It's simply gorgeous x.