24 July 2009

Herbal treatment for Skin Whitening

Everyone wants to look pretty. But with pretty, who doesn’t want to acquire a fair complexion? The definition of ‘beautiful’ doesn’t seem satisfying for one if one doesn’t have a fair complexion, exceptional to some minor examples.

The dark skin cannot be made fair magically. Yet, a dark skin can definitely acquire a noticeable effect, with just a few tricks. Using herbal methods for this purpose is your right choice.

The following skin whitening herbal ways will help you acquire a lighter skin tone:

• Make a paste of sandalwood with rose water and apply it on the face daily. You will see a glowing radiant skin in a matter of a few weeks.

• Mix turmeric powder with sandal wood paste and apply to face directly. Daily use would benefit greatly.

• Grape seeds are seen to show remarkable effects to lightening the skin tone.

• Take grounded almonds and mix with rose water. Apply this paste daily on the face and neck. It will, in a few days, bring a glow on your face, making you grow attractive in no time.

• Apply mixture of cucumber and coconut water on your face and neck will you benefit greatly.

• Take raw potato slices and leave them soaked in cold water for approx. 10 minutes. Later, rub these slices over face, neck and hands.

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