13 July 2009

How to Get Smoky Eyes Look

Smoky eyes give an attractive look to the eyes. The secret of this trend's popularity is that smoky eyes can change your face dramatically, transforming the girl-next-door into a stylish diva. Here are an easy way that how to get the perfect smoky eye. No matter what your eye shape is, this sexy eye make-up will look fabulous on your face.

Steps to Create Best Smoky Eyes

-Apply eyeliner perfectly. Apply your base eyeshadow all over the upper eyelid. Blend well with a base brush. Smudge both lash lines with a cotton swab or an eyeliner brush.

-Blend in color on bottom lashes for color on the bottom, you'll want a lighter eyeliner & the key is to 'smudge it'. You can also apply a bit of shadow to get full smudge effect.

-Don't forget to enhance your eyebrows to balance strong "smoky eyes" makeup. And there you have it. This look takes a bit of practise, but when you get the hang of it, it looks stunning.

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