28 July 2009

Veena Malik got married with Mohammad Asif

Rumors are in the air that a T.V & Film actress Veena Malik got married the cricket player of Pakistani cricket team, Mh. Asif.

Both were in strange relationship with one another from the last few months and now finally got married in London, on the 28th of May, 2009. Media has disclosed this hot news with many facts but even then Veena Malik is denying that she has no such relation with Asif, and has no such plan of marriage as well. According to some sources, both went to London to celebrate their secret marriage plan and now they are back as a couple; but not together. It has been claiming that cricketer Mh. Asif also gifted a new car to Veena on her birthday. On the other hand Asif is also continuously refusing that he got married with her; Asif is on the view that he even don’t want to have any relation with such characterless girl.

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