30 July 2009

Pakistan's Fashion and Beauty Salon Depilex

Today, 21 years down the line, Masarrat can reminisce over the eventful two decades spanning her successful venture into the world of Depilex. Thanks to her trailblazing approach and brilliant conceptions, the beauty business in Pakistan has flourished, paving the way for today’s highly successful world of Pakistani fashion and beauty. Prior to the start of Depilex, this business was limited to Chinese parlors that offered few services and almost no creativity in hair and makeup styles; Depilex took upon itself to revolutionize the entire business. Following its lead, beauty salons soon sprouted in every nook and cranny of the country and women, with little or no experience, became salon owners. Masarrat is different from these women. She has obtained a thorough training in the field of beauty therapy, and even after years of experience still goes for refreshers every now and then to keep Depilex up-to-date.

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